Announcing to backup keys as QR codes on paper

Stefan Claas sac at
Mon Sep 14 19:06:11 CEST 2020

Stefan Claas wrote:

> Hi,
> while I can't help you with your issue, I like to suggest to take a look
> at Fraunhofer SIT's modern JAB-Code, which compiles nicely under Linux,
> Windows and macOS. It has also the advantage that it can carry much more
> data than QR code. The color barcode withstands also ugly Facebook .jpeg
> compression, in case one needs to sign large messages, with GnuPG, on
> 'social' media sites.

The other option GnuPG users have is to memorize the passphrase and
re-generate the private key from the passphrase, thus avoiding paper
loss etc.


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