Precompiled Windows-Binaries with Large-Secmem-Support

karel-v_g at karel-v_g at
Sat Jan 2 12:13:19 CET 2021

I know there are and have been fierce discussions about the useful length of RSA-Keys. I don't want to dive deeper into that, and I hope this special question has not been discussed recently:
The generation of large RSA-Keys is extremely well hidden for normal users, it requires batch-mode, enable-large-rsa and a special file with instructions. Thus the danger for inexperienced users to mess up their keys is rather low.
Nevertheless the officially available precompiled Windows-Binaries come without support for these large keys (at least those included into GPG4Win).
May I suggest to compile future builds for Windows with enable-large-secmem?!
Thanks for discussing and considering.

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