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Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 6 14:00:47 CET 2021

On 05-01-2021 23:07, Robert J. Hansen via Gnupg-users wrote:

As always, it probably depends on who you have the most to fear from:
your government, corporations, or maybe someone else?

> In Europe it's a lot different.  There, the prevailing culture cares a
> lot more about limiting the ability of businesses to learn things about
> a person than with limiting the ability of governments.
That is changing. Now that governments are ourtsourcing censorship to
corporations in their struggle against unwelcome news (these days they
call that often "fake news" or "Russian propaganda" and voices are
getting stronger to censor unwelcome messages directly, recently
enhanced by protests against the covid measures, protection against the
government are getting more important in Europe as well. But that is not
yet much reflected in actual policies being made, mainly because those
policies are made by the very people we need protection against.

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