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Wed Jan 6 15:23:22 CET 2021

On Tue,  5 Jan 2021 17:07, Robert J. Hansen said:

> I'm doing is sharing true things with my buddy?"  Whereas in Europe,
> right-to-be-forgotten laws, enforced by the government, are seen as
> wins for privacy, in America they would be (a) blatantly unlawful and

I don't think that the right not to be listed prominently in search
results is related to privacy.  This ruling is more similar to rules
that you are not required to wear a badge that you spent some time in
jail or need to state this in your CV.

> In Europe it's a lot different.  There, the prevailing culture cares a
> lot more about limiting the ability of businesses to learn things about
> a person than with limiting the ability of governments.  The national

Like all over the world governments work on terminating all rules which
limit their power.  It seems to be a never-ending task to counter that.

Speaking of Germany: There are a lot of barriers between administrative
entities to share data - there is not even a central database of all
citizens.  There is no shared access between the databases of the police
and the spooks.  The spooks tried to tell us that it is okay to
eavesdrop as long as no German citizen is part of the communication but
courts declared such a workaround as illegal.  But yes, all these laws
and rulings wind up faster and faster :-(



Die Gedanken sind frei.  Ausnahmen regelt ein Bundesgesetz.
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