Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Jan 22 03:20:55 CET 2021

> *Appologies* Robert for highjacking your thread!!!

I have never understood why people apologize for doing something they 
know is wrong, and then do it anyway.  You could see that starting a new 
thread was appropriate; you know that starting a new thread is easy; you 
apologized for your inappropriate behavior; and then behaved 
inappropriately.  Your apology is not accepted, as it is clearly insincere.

Further, in just the last month and change on this list you've hyped 
Bitcoin scams, poorly-designed password managers, sown wild confusion 
about TLS and WKD, and now you're trying to raise funds for politically 
controversial figures unrelated to GnuPG's mission.

I cannot be the only one here who has noticed your track record.  I urge 
you to think long and hard about it, and to turn yourself around.
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