How would you do that ...

Stefan Vasilev stefan.vasilev at
Sat May 8 00:58:37 CEST 2021

Ryan McGinnis wrote:

> Alice is an idiot if she’s trying to defeat nation-state adversaries 
> and be a thrifty shopper at the same time, but even so, in most places 
> a laptop isn’t going to be cheaper than a cheap mobile phone.
> You really want Alice to use some public library computer for some 
> reason, but I am going to assume Alice isn’t a complete moron and 
> would avoid this, given there are a hundred better options that won’t 
> result in her genitals being shocked in some dingy government 
> interrogation room.
> If you have to use a laptop then, cool, grab an ISO of Debian, install 
> it, find the nearest WiFi hotspot, make a free protonmail account, 
> send an email.  Done.

Alice is no complete moron, because she can't register a free ProtonMail 

without a phone. Or did she missed there an anonymous registration procedure

which works? If yes, then she is of course a moron. :-D



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