configure script ELF visibility

Frank gnupg at
Fri Jun 3 18:05:36 CEST 2022


can someone explain the configure script to me?
I am still looking for a way to make my libgpg-error and libassuan  
(see gnupg2 vs gnupg) work with the 'darn' IBM dnf compilation.
And I am currently eyeing at the 'ELF visibility' check in the  
configure script.
I do not understand, what or how it intends to test.
I cannot find confdefs.h or conftest.* to see what a manual compile  
would result in.
According to IBMs Webpage xlC/C++ supports visibility.

Maybe it should be looking like this?
if ${CC-cc} -Werror -qvisibility -S conftest.c -o conftest.s \

If my amateurish tries are correct the grep would look (maybe) different:
.globl  foo{RW},hidden
.globl  bar{RW},protected

Though I noticed earlier that the -Werror seems to be not supported with
cc, xlc, xlC, xlc++ they only support -qhalt={i,w,e,s}
only xlclang++ seems to support it.

If I am on the wrong path, just tell me.

Kind regards

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