Agent forwarding issue

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Fri Apr 5 19:03:35 CEST 2024

Hi Werner,

Werner Koch via Gnupg-users wrote:
>>     gpg: problem with fast path key listing: Forbidden - ignored
> I'll suppress that message in --quiet mode for the next release.

Excellent, thanks!

> When doing a secret key listing (which happens with -K but also in
> --with-colons mode) gpg walks over all public keys and asks the agent
> for each key whether a corresponding secret key exists.  With many
> secret keys this is quite some overhead and thus gpg first tries to a
> get a listing of all secret keys (the keygrips) and later can do a fast
> memcmp instead of an IPC call.

In theory, would this not occur if I cleaned up the keyring
a bit.  I've got ~350 public keys.  Some are likely expired
or no longer useful.

This is without any sort of auto-key-locate enabled -- just
years or accumulating keys.  It doesn't _seem_ like that
many keys to have around...

> If you use the extra-socket certain operations are forbidden so that a
> rogue gpg version on the remote site won't be able to change passwords,
> export secret keys, or get a listing of all available secret keys.  This
> is why you see this diagnostic.

I manage the remote system and consider it reasonably
secure, to the extent any online system can be call
"secure."  It's not much less secure than the system from
which I am forwarding, other than that I'm not physically
beside it.

In such a case, it sounds like it may be reasonable to use
the normal socket?  Until the remote side is updated to
silence this via --quiet, at least.

I saw you pushed the change already, so I applied it to the
build on the remote host and can confirm it does the trick.

Thanks for the quick reply, fix, and additional details!



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