Agent forwarding issue

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Apr 8 08:47:55 CEST 2024

On Fri,  5 Apr 2024 13:03, Todd Zullinger said:

> In such a case, it sounds like it may be reasonable to use
> the normal socket?  Until the remote side is updated to

In fact, I also did this for some time but later came up with 

  CommitDate: Wed Oct 12 11:30:35 2022 +0200

    agent: Introduce attribute "Remote-list" to KEYINFO.
    * agent/command.c (do_one_keyinfo): Add arg list_mode.  Check
    attribute Remote-list.
    (cmd_keyinfo): Change semantics to return nothing in restricted list

which is

  *** Remote-list
  Allow to list the key with the KEYINFO command from a remote machine
  via the extra socket.  A boolean value is expected; the default is
  "no".  Note that KEYINFO will anyway provide information if the
  keygrip is specified.

Not exactly your problem but somehow related.



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