Fwd: Re: [Help-gnutls] Problem building from git

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at gnutls.org
Mon Jul 13 19:38:18 CEST 2009

Brad Hards wrote:

> Patch attached (zipped to get under the 40K limit on the list). Please provide 
> review - I'm not very confident, and I got 9 out 
> of 39 test failures.

 I have solved the warnings except the transport_ptr cast. Most of them
a bit different (I don't know how widely used i z for size_t, so I just
casted size_t to int for printing). The former warning for cast is not
easy to solve and not really needed on current platforms. Anyway I see
Simon has added gl_fd_to_handle() that could be used with an inline
function to perform this cast gracefully... but I don't really know if
it is the proper place.


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