[Help-gnutls] How are the PSK keys read

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Wed Jul 15 04:44:32 CEST 2009


Does any body have any experience how the pre-shared keys are read from when
doing a DH key exchange with PSK authentication ? Other than hard coding
it into the application, what are the other sources it is read from (
database ? file ? ) and how ?

I have looked at the sample code provided in the examples directory. The
client sample (ex-client-psk.c) assigns the pre shared key as follows:

const gnutls_datum_t key = { (char*) "DEADBEEF", 8 };

The server sample (ex-serv-psk.c) does the key assignment in the callback
function pskfunc as follows:

  key->data = gnutls_malloc (4);
  key->data[0] = 0xDE;
  key->data[1] = 0xAD;
  key->data[2] = 0xBE;
  key->data[3] = 0xEF;
  key->size = 4;

Obviously these are hard coded values. How are the keys read in the real
world ?

If anyone has any samples to share, I would really appreciate it.

I'm working on a prototype and I have to report to my boss whether we can
use GnuTLS. I'm trying to assign a dynamic value to the keys but I cannot
make the TLS handshake to happen.

Thanks and Regards

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