some possible errors on sparc?

Simon Josefsson simon at
Tue Sep 22 22:52:51 CEST 2009

imp <imp at> writes:

> both pass "make check" - at least the return value is 0 and are no tests
> reported as failed. (and both skiped pkcs1-pad).


> besides this, there's some strange stuff going on the the sparc:
> ##
> server: ready. Listening to port '5556'.
> server: connection from, port 56158
> psk: username test
> AES-128 test encryption failed.
> AES-128 test encryption failed.

That is a quite severe libgcrypt error -- did libgcrypt compile and pass
the self-tests properly on this platform?  I suspect you have a
libgcrypt problem.

> and the build on the amd64 spits some leak summarys (guess it's because if've
> valgrind installed?).

Yes.  There are many known memory leaks in the self tests.


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