scim and pinentry-gtk2

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jul 8 10:07:31 CEST 2009

On Tue,  7 Jul 2009 20:06, rw at said:

> 13.0 release out the door, but I'll try to pull svn and test this as
> soon as possible...

I have not yet used Scim or any other IM, thus I only checked whether
Gtk+ detects that.  I checked this by passing the -e option to Pinentry
(via a wrapper); this options shows an additional entry field.  What I
don't understand is how Scim can help entering the passphrase given that
a right click on the passphrase entry doesn't show the selection module.

Do we need a special Pinentry tool, or did I just missed something?

In case Scim works with the regular Pinentry; we will need a way to
disable this: By design Pinentry shall limit the exposure of the
passphrase to as least code/memory as possible - now if it would be
passed back and forth to Scim this is not anymore the case.



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