Newbie - compiling gnupg-1.4.6 and GpgSM

Geoff capsthorne at
Sun Jan 14 15:30:48 CET 2007

On Sun, 14 Jan 2007 13:34:15 +0100
Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:

> On Fri, 12 Jan 2007 12:15, capsthorne at said:
> > gnupg-2.0.1 needs some libraries. That is fine, but one
> > of them is libpthread.  (I
> > have /lib/, but no
> No, GnuPG does not require libpthread.  However some
> distros seem to distribute a libpthread which is actually
> a the pthread emulation of Pth.  GnuPG is based on the
> native Pth API and it is not possible to use pthread
> instead.  Even worse, recent Pth versions made soft
> syscall mapping the default and this conflicts with GnuPG
> as it assumes the old API.
> The SVN version does now explicitly request no mapping
> which solves the problem.

Thank-you Werner.

I was, of course, confused - not for the first time:).  I
had assumed that anything involving "pth" and threads must
be libpthread.  I did not appreciate that there was a
difference until I looked at the sonames of the gnu-pth
libraries I had compiled and realised that they differed
from the libpthread ones.

Everything appears to be working.  The only problem I have
had is that I installed Florian Sievers' gnu-crypt, whose
configure script identified my gpgme as unthreaded, even
though gpgme had found pth and seemed to produce all the
necessary libraries.  He tells me that he is going to use
the unthreaded gpgme by default in future.

Whilst I am talking to a developer :

(a) The link to gpgme at
(en)/download/index.html appears to be outdated.  It points
to version 1.0.3

(b) it would also be nice if there was a link to pinentry
on the download page. It is not listed on freshmeat and I
had to hunt around to find it.

> > links in old posts on this list to Project Ägypten -
> > but if the sources for GpgSM were ever available there,
> > I can't find them now.

I thought GpgSm might be in there, but I was worried about
the security advisory on the gpupg homepage and decided
that I would only install packages from 1.4.6 or 2.0.1.

Thanks again for responding .. I live and learn.



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