Craft public key so that private key equals given string (my password)?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Fri Jan 2 21:35:12 CET 2015

On 02/01/15 21:29, sben1783 wrote:
> Maybe this isn't such a common use case, but I think for me it would perfectly
> make sense;)

No, I don't think this will become a feature :). However, if your OS is Linux or
something with the same "scripting power", you could simply have your script
create a tar file with the private key and the encrypted file, and a script that
unpacks the tar to a temp dir, imports the private key and decrypts the file.
All this could be done with a simple[1] bash script, tar, and some creativity.



[1] I think it would stay relatively simple, but you might have to think a bit
about it.

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