Crypto device where I need to confirm every operation?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Jan 23 00:37:30 CET 2015

> There are degrees of “control over your hardware” and complete
> control hardware is rarely going to happen.

That's not what the original poster was positing, though: the original
poster was positing *someone else* had complete control -- and trying to
make a system that works in that environment is a fool's errand.

> then we are all compromised, so why are we even bothering to use
> tools like GnuPG...

Excellent question.  Vint Cerf has said that in his estimate one of five
desktop PCs is completely pwn3d by malware.  We don't pay enough
attention to that.  We tend to assume the security of the endpoints, and
that's simply not a supportable assumption nowadays.

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