short list of recommended card readers?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Wed Sep 28 11:07:49 CEST 2016

Can anybody make recommendations for a short list of card readers,
preferably with PIN pads?

I've got the SPR532[1] and found it works fine but it is no longer
listed on the vendor's web site[2], I've previously tested Reiner SCT
cyberJack Secoder 2 and found it didn't[3] work.  I'm looking at what to
recommend for other people trying the clean room live DVD[4]

This list appears to suggest choosing one of the 6 readers that support
variable length PIN, although the first on the list is the SPR532 (no
longer in production) so it is not clear if this is current:

Is that a good list to refer people to, or can anybody suggest changes?

I came across this list:

Is that considered up-to-date?  Some of the readers appear quite old
now, should somebody starting today buy one of those or something newer?

Debian has a list of card readers that appear to be supported by
drivers, but it is quite long and doesn't really make any recommendations:

The FSFE guide doesn't give any recommendation about choosing a reader,
although it does emphasize the use of readers with PIN pad:

PC/SC Lite has a list, it is also rather long though:





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