gpg-agent forwarding to remote with systemd - status?

Chris Coutinho chrisbcoutinho at
Fri Feb 1 11:42:27 CET 2019


I'm trying to forward my local gpg-agent over ssh to a remote that
controls the gnupg sockets via systemd. This fails because sshd
attempts to place the socket in a directory that doesn't exist,
because that is handled on the remote by systemd.

This issue was raised back in 2016:

It was suggested in that thread to place `gpgconf --create-socketdir`
in '.bashrc' to create the proper directory, but this doesn't work in
my case because on the remote the directory is created/deleted by
systemd and shell scripts are sourced after ssh attempts to place the

>From my limited understanding of the issue, it seems that it wasn't
clear in what project the solution should be (openssh, systemd,

Is there an update regarding this issue, or any proposed workarounds
for systemd-based remotes?


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